Self Portrait 2019.

Self Portrait 2019.

San Francisco Bay Area native Kristin Cofer believes that everyone deserves a great photo of themselves. And when it comes to capturing a person’s nature, Kristin Cofer isn’t just a photographer⁠—she’s a magic-maker. 

Known and celebrated for her uncanny ability to make everyone feel comfortable in front of her lens, Kristin approaches her work with love, empathy, and encouragement, which allows her subjects to shed any inhibitions and reveal their true character. This is her key to snapping the most authentic images of her subjects. After a session with Kristin, you’re bound to leave feeling fantastic about yourself and your photos!

Kristin has worked with DiPietro Todd Salon + Academy, nooworks, 826 Valencia, Microsoft, and many other small business owners, musicians, artists and friends, and she’d love to add you to her list of collaborators. 

Feel free to connect with Kristin on Instagram, read more about her on VoyageLA, and send an email for commercial work, event photography, high-fashion editorials, promotional photos, portraits, and headshots. 

Clients/Published: Bristol Live Magazine, bandcamp dailybillboard, diPietro Todd, Eros MortisGalore, nprPAPER, Pitchfork, Pitchfork RisingLA Weekly, Music&Riots MagazinenoiseySPIN, V Magazine