Cash Askew, February 2016

Cash Askew, February 2016

After two years and ten photo shoots, the Rose Project has come to an end. It was a beautiful experience and a pleasure meeting each person who stood in front of the camera. 

I thank everyone for your support with hair, make-up, food, assisting, and locations. It truly was a community effort. 

Thank you, Cash, for being the reason why I created the Rose Project in the first place. You had a deep impact on my life. I will always appreciate you for helping me see more in people and grow personally.

The Rose Project is a deeply personal portrait project dedicated to the beautiful trans, gay, queer and non-binary community. It began after a friend and collaborator of mine, Cash Askew, passed away. She and I created a lot of wonderful images together, and I felt compelled to continue photographing people in her community.

It's called The Rose Project because I often use flowers in my work, and some of my most favorite images of Cash feature her holding roses. The idea is that I am photographing people from the LGBTQ community who want to be seen. I’ve had people contact me from all over the world, and I would like to be able to meet and photograph them all.

The Rose Project was featured in The Bold Italic and Math Magazine.